Eideticom, the leader in NVMe® Computational Storage, today announced it has been assigned a new patent (11,804,852) for "System And Method For Mitigating Effects Of Hash Collisions In Hardware Data"

The abstract of the patent (11,804,852) published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: Systems and methods are provided for mitigating effects of hash collisions in hardware data compression, for example reducing or avoiding the side effects of hash collisions, or reducing or avoiding slow downs caused by hash collisions. In an aspect, a processor-implemented method includes: hashing an input data byte sequence to produce a hash value, the input data byte sequence being located at a sequence address within an input data stream; and storing, in a hash table at a hash address corresponding to the hash value, the sequence address and a portion of the input data byte sequence. In an aspect, to further avoid hash collisions, hash memory accesses are distributed among a plurality of parallel hash banks to increase the throughput. Another aspect virtually extends a hash depth by extending a data match search around broken hash links, going backward in the data sequence.

The patent (11,804,852) application was filed on Sep 2, 2021.

Inventors: Saeed Fouladi Fard, Sean Gibb

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