Companies enable a new-generation of storage and analytics capabilities for the hyper-converged and data center markets.

August 6th, 2018, Calgary, Alberta, Canada -  Eideticom, and Nallatech, a Molex company, are pleased to announce the NoLoad NVM Express (NVMe) U.2 Computational Storage acceleration platform based on Xilinx technology. Eideticom’s NoLoad U2 is the storage industry’s first NVMe compatible scale-out accelerator in a U.2 form factor and utilizes energy-efficient FPGAs from Xilinx deployed on the U2 hardware platform provided by Nallatech. 

Eideticom, Xilinx and Nallatech have partnered to demonstrate the NoLoad U2 performing high throughput data compression on a peer-to-peer (P2P) capable storage serve at FMS 2018.  The demonstration showcases the ability of NoLoad-enabled Xilinx FPGA devices to perform computationally challenging algorithms and perform high-throughput data movement with minimal impact on host CPU resources.


P2P enables the direct transfer of data between PCIe devices without the use of host CPU memory and results in improved latency, system throughput, CPU overhead and energy usage.  Eideticom’s NoLoad platform is specifically architected for P2P operation and uses an NVMe standards complaint Controller Memory Buffer (CMB) to accomplish the P2P data transfers.  NoLoad provides zlib compliant compression/decompression and achieves over 3 GB/s performance in a standard U.2 PCIe Gen3x4 form factor.

“Leveraging the NVM Express protocol to perform storage and analytics functions allows our NoLoad to seamlessly deploy in next-generation storage and compute servers. The peer-to-peer functionality provided by NVMe offloads the CPU and allows it to focus on more application-critical tasks. In hyper-converged scenarios the P2P provides a much higher quality of service to the VMs running on the CPU leading to a better user experience.” said Stephen Bates, chief technology officer, Eideticom.

“Xilinx is excited that our adaptable UltraScale+ FPGAs are powering Eideticom’s NoLoad U2 Computational Storage product,” said Manish Muthal, vice president of data center business at Xilinx. “Our technology combined with the unique capabilities of the NoLoad NVMe U.2 computational storage platform enables the rapid deployment of customized acceleration for emerging storage, data center and high-performance computing workloads.”

“The combination of Nallatech’s U2 Accelerated Storage Solution and Eideticom’s NoLoad is a powerful platform for storage, data center and high-performance computing customers.” said Craig Petrie, vice president business development of FPGA solutions at Nallatech.“The ability to accelerate common functions such as erasure coding, deduplication, encryption and compression in a storage compatible U.2 form factor provides a compelling solution for data center workloads.”

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